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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy reflects the kind of information this site may want to collect and how it may be used for various purposes.

There are two types of information that we may collect:

                    1. PERSONAL INFORMATION:

This information includes Name, Age, Sex, Address, Email id, Mobile Number, message, and ect, No personal information of any user would be shared or used by us for any purpose other than enhancing or giving information about our service.

                    2. NON-PERSONAL INFORMATION:

This information is related to user activities while surfing information on internet and can be captured using some analytics codes, cookies etc.

In our constant effort to provide best possible user experience, we will have to capture some information, which is non-personal in nature. E.g., Total visitors to site, total time spent on site, flow of user navigation, etc. This information is essential to understanding user behaviour on our site which will culminate in an attempt to make the site more user friendly. We may share this info with any third party with sole intention of analysis. We may place cookies which will further help us in tracking user activity. It is a common practice to use cookies. User can decide about deleting these cookies. Tracking-non personalized data depends on the website objectives and may defer from site to site. From time-to-time, we may change to the above policy with the intent to improve user experience.

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If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refunds & Cancellation you can contact us:

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